Note: without reading the script, viewing the Big Board could be a bit confusing. This is a presentation of 72 extremely rough color keyframe, scene-by-scene paintings I created over a two-week period in 2006 as a starting point for the look, colors, tone and feel of the film, with the visual elements of the scenes applied as building blocks in the visual progression of the story.

Click on the thumbnails above to see rough paintings of color keyframes of most of the scenes currently envisioned. Some scenes are missing or different than they are pictured here, as the script is still in development and sections have been added since this Big Board was created. This exercise was particularly helpful in envisioning things like the movement of color and tone throughout the film; for example, as Tom gets closer to death at the end of the movie the color range decreases until the shots are nearly completely black and white, which is then contrasted sharply with the glorious brilliant colors of the sunset in the final shot.

Below are samples of transition animatics to explore ways of blending more seamlessly between the present and the past, between reality and dreams, than simple cuts or transitions that rely on special effects.