• This was another really fun project. The cute, inquisitive little garlic puppet begs to be picked by the guy out looking for garlic for the new Roastin’ Toastin’ Garlic Pizza. Gary Garlic is taken back to the kitchen, where he is sliced in half with a huge cleaver and hit with a blow torch to ‘roast’ him and bring out his flavor. Cheerful to the end, Gary makes his exit with wings and a halo. For some reason, this spot was quickly pulled — again, this always happened with the really good commercials.

  • I was Job Supervisor for this project, and was the main puppeteer on the spot, along with, I think, Mark Walas. I designed the puppets (there was the original, then one that was sliced in half and one who had been burned) and the incredible sculptor Martin M. sculpted all of the parts.

  • These shots are video screen grabs, so not the best quality.

  • Enjoy!