therapeutic arts

I am a Certified Art Therapist (DVATI).

For the past 30 years I have worked with individuals and groups, including marginalized communities, using various art forms as interventions in healing, personal growth and expression. Through this work I have seen the power of art first hand: giving voice and solace to people living with AIDS/HIV, changing the lives of at-risk multi-cultural San Francisco youth, improving the memory and emotional health of senior citizens in permanent care, helping Deaf youth address experiences such as isolation and language deprivation, and supporting persons with recent vision loss find new means of expression.

I practice Art Therapy with individuals and run 4-6 week group programs such as Dreams and Archetypes Through Art Therapy. I continue to work in the community leading programs of applied visual and performative art therapy.

Areas of interest:

Grief and loss
Terminal illnesses (of self or loved one)
Aging and associated challenges for elders and their caregivers
Spirituality and spiritual emergencies
Jungian-based Art Therapy practices

If you would like to inquire about individual or group art therapy, or art therapy programs for a particular community, please fill in the form below, or email me at [email protected].

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