• This was a strange spot, directed and Art Directed by Tom Rubalcava at (C)olossal Pictures, where a bunch of baby robins in a nest are complaining about how thirsty they are, then the mother robin appears, with not only a bottle of Coke, but a glass and a straw. The little birds all drink. Apparently the spot only aired a few times, but it was so much fun to work on!
  • I know there was a good-sized crew on this but I don’t remember everyone who worked on it. Puppeteers included me, Howie Weed, Jonathan Searles, and I think Erik JensenJamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were probably involved with the mechanics, and I was in charge of the final look of the puppets. There were four baby birds and one mother bird.
  • UPDATE! The BTS video of the making of the cable-op/pneumatic bird puppets has surfaced, along with the commercial! Thanks to Tom Rubalcava for letting me repost. Featuring Jamie Hyneman and the old M5 Model Shop! Check it out!
  • Model shop: M5 Industries, Inc. Client: Coca Cola