• Elections Saskatchewan was looking for a new campaign to help educate voters about voting in the 2016 provincial election. Working with my production company, Moxie Films, and Barry Rud of Firecube Video, we created a new world and an animated spokesperson, Suzie Saskatchewan.
  • We created six videos for the project, including one live action video hosted by Suzie and Tiffany Lizee from Global News Regina. Most of the videos were narrated by Matt Fogarty.
  • To see all of the videos, please visit Election Saskatchewan’s Youtube Channel!


  • Scripts, storyboards, production design, and animation: Chrystene Ells
  • Narrator: Matt Fogarty
  • Post Production: Jack Hilkewich
  • Produced by Barry Rud
  • Live action shoot:
    • Camera: Berny Hi, Layton Burton
    • Editing: Berny Hi
    • ASL interpreter: Allard Thomas
    • Casting: H&S Casting